Who are we?

Polkaat: The Retro Spirit Reinvented!

Welcome to the sparkling world of Polkaat , where the charm of 70s interiors meets the modern fun and artsy boldness of today. Imagine vintage geometric patterns flirting with contemporary bright colors, a concept inspired by a bygone era but remixed with a modern twist.

At Polkaat , the past is not fixed. It dances, it plays, it transforms before your eyes to create living, vibrant and welcoming spaces. We often say that fashion is an eternal beginning again, but for us, it is above all an endless playground where retro and modern play in perfect harmony.

But our heart doesn't just beat for design. Founded on values ​​of authenticity and passion, our brand is committed to offering not only quality products, but also an experience. The Polkaat experience is to immerse yourself in a world where the art of decoration becomes a journey between eras, a celebration of beauty through the trends of past eras.

So, if you have the soul of a nostalgic aesthete but your heart beats to the rhythm of innovation, Polkaat is for you.