Puddle Rug | Retro Sweetness | Polkaat®

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Dimensions: 80x120cm


Immerse yourself in elegance with our Puddle Effect rug. This unique design, in varying shades of blue, transforms any room into a relaxing oasis. Tones of deep navy blue to sky blue. Not only is this rug a real eye-catcher, its soft and plush texture provides unparalleled comfort for your feet. Ideal for adding a natural and calming touch to your interior decoration. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or any relaxation area. Add a touch of originality to your space with this puddle effect rug.

Product highlights :

  • Contemporary Design : Ideal for modern spaces, adding a touch of subtle elegance.
  • Premium Comfort : Soft underfoot, providing a luxurious experience with every step.
  • Easy Care : Stain resistant and easy to clean, perfect for everyday use.

Dimensions: 80x120cm.

Materials: 100% Polyester